Test management plugins for JIRA. Was Zephyr a bad choice?

Hi - This may have been asked before - If so apologies.

I'm running the QA function for a consultancy. We have adopted JIRA for sprint management and I (mainly for reasons of expediency) adopted Zephyr as the manual test management tool for the first project. The problem I'm having is that I don't see a way of visually associating tests and bugs to user stories on a sprint (in the way that you can with a sub-task). They all just 'pile up' at the bottom of the sprint board. This means that I have to keep drilling into the stories and then clicking links to tests / bugs. Am I missing a trick with Zephyr or is it just incapable of doing what I want? If it is incapable can someone suggest a JIRA plugin which can do what I want?



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Hi Rob,

I would recommend to use PractiTest as a test management tool which has a great integration with JIRA (via plugin) and thanks to this tool's traceability tab you will always know what tests and bugs linked to your user stories. 


Hello Rob,

Several months ago I posted a similar line of enquiry and receive some good response, so you may find that useful. Happily I can also chip in based on the choice(s) that we eventually made.

I presume you are referring to Zephyr for Jira, rather than Zephyr's enterprise solution. Like you we tried the former. This was due in part to recommendations from the community, but also because it was an easy one to get started on (being such a simple plug-in) and we were also new to Jira at the time too. I lead a test team and a couple of us (with very different levels of experience) trialled ZfJ...neither of us were impressed, we just didn't understand the appeal. There was the issue that you've encountered (Zephyr's deliberate design of tests not being an Issue subtype), I also recall reporting options being inadequate; in general it was just too lightweight for our objectives.

It sounds like you are happy with lightweight and low cost? i.e. a plug-in / add-on rather than a full-blown hosted / cloud test management tool? Via the response to my own post on here, we soon tried TestRail, liked it very much and, after wading through our not-inconsiderable internal processes, I secured our licenses late last year. If you want to hear more on TestRail, please let me know - but this is definitely a 'serious' test management tool and costs a bit of cash.

As far as light solutions go, I can't offer a great deal of advice, but I have two suggestions:

(a) based on your main grievance with Zephyr, you could actually create a Jira issue type of 'Test' and more specifically define it as a subtype, so that it sits under user stories, bugs etc. And Jira already offers Bug of course, so you don't need Zephyr or anything for that. 

(b) our organisation has bought a Jira plug-in called Structure, principally to assist with issue management and reporting, but I've noticed that they offer something called Testy. Certainly an interesting name, but looks like an interesting product too, I believe it offers a lightweight test management option for Jira sprints, releases etc. (If you do need actual tests, then creating a Jira 'Test' type could work alongside this).

Hope this helps,

Simon Rigler




Thanks Simon

I was looking at z4j rather than the 'enterprise' version. I'm looking at that now. I'm also looking at Testrail and VersionOne. I'll also take a look at Testy.......What I want to be able to do is 

1) Be able to attribute tests to stories which are part of the active sprint so that I / the teams can easily see the current test position at a sprint level. This is after all what they're primarily concerned with on a day to day basis. VersionOne does this quite nicely with its Test Board

2) Have a simple way of flagging tests from the active sprint to build into a larger application test set as the application develops

Hi Rob, take a look at Testuff (Disclosure: company I work at). It has what you seem to be looking for.

Good luck.



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