The curious case of the Lets Test conference...

Hej Hej!


So STC has got wind of a testing conference over in Sweden called "Lets Test". They needed a private dic to investigate so I stepped up to the challenge to see what I could find out...


Its certainly an interesting case - its a testing conference, masking itself as being context-driven. This is very interesting and partly why I've taken it on. I've been hearing rumours about the context-driven school of testing, so I'm keen to see what they have to offer.


Not only is it calling itself context-driven, its also going to have the opportunity to actually do some testing! This is a crazy notion for a conference. Shouldn't we go, sit there & just listen to people who are better at testing than us? This is a strange notion.


I've identified a few suspects that I need to follow up on:

  • Michael Bolton - he's peddling a crazy notion of “Critical Thinking Skills for Testers”
  • Julian Harty is thinking he can provide “A Test Automation Masterclass for Mobile Phone Applications”
  • Markus Gartner appears to need a doctor to help him “Charter My Tests”
  • Alan Richardson is dealing the devils work by “Testing Hypnotically”
  • Zeger van Hese seems to be finally applying some culture to proceedings by “Making the Case for Aesthetics”
  • Anne-Marie Charret is spreading the word by ”Coaching Testers”
  • Leo Hepis is talking sense with "Making Dialogue Effective"


I'll be feeding back the progress from my investigations via my pseudonym DuncNisbet & hopefully more detailed reports through this website.


If you have any questions to help me focus my investigations for any of the suspects, please leave them discretely under this post...


Unfortunately time constraints on the Wednesday mean that a few suspects will escape the gaze of my magnifying glass - Huib Schoots is challenging attendees with a provocatively titled “So You Think You Can Test” presentation which would have been well worth my attention.


There's others I'm keen to chat with - I'll need to go incognito for this - I'll be donning my dear stalker, Inverness cape & pipe so i'm not recognised! These suspects include:


Scott Barber, Markus Gärtner, Huib Schoots, Ben Kelly, Rikard Edgren, Alan Richardson, Tony Bruce and Lets Test Organisers Henrik Andersson, Henrik Emilsson, Ola Hyltén, Johan Jonasson & Torbjörn Ryber


That's it for now folks - fingers crossed my investigation is a success & I'm not spotted!


PI Duncs

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Comment by Duncan nisbet on May 15, 2012 at 21:00
Haha Simon! There's was no way I was going to rock a deer stalker in that heat!
Comment by Simon Morley on May 11, 2012 at 6:03

Looking forward to hear about your findings!

You blended in magnificently - I didn't notice anyone in a deer-stalker, although there was a bloke in shorts talking to lots of people.... ;)


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