Just in the middle of my first WNT session :)

Here's the mindmap I created during the session

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Comment by Markus Gärtner on December 15, 2010 at 23:02

Nice Justin. Here is the mindmap I created while fiddling with the application for an hour.



I started with Inspectional Testing (http://www.shino.de/2010/12/04/inspectional-testing/ and http://www.shino.de/2010/12/06/inspectional-testing-is-about-time), to generate ideas and start my mental model of the application. Then I sat down and identified short enough session charters for small sessions to be conducted within one hour of testing overall - which was the allotted timeframe.


During the discussion later, I noticed that I didn't too much attention to some areas, which was not good. Though I was able to find some bugs related to foreign characters like umlauts. I think I covered the application to some extent, and found enough which bothers me (as a user), that I wouldn't use the application for mindmapping. MindJet's MindManager provides the same abilities to convert a textual list to a mindmap given the proper format. (Though MindManager is commercial and costs lots of money, but it's worth it from my perspective.)

Comment by Justin Hunter on December 15, 2010 at 22:46

Sorry I couldn't join. I think the Weekend Testing events (and Weeknight Testing) events are an excellent idea and a great way to sharpen testing skills and build connections within the community of passionate testers.


I found out a bit too late.  Here are my quick thoughts on a combinatorial test design-based approach to test that same application: 


Test Inputs

Test Cases

  • 19 Tests Achieve Complete Pairwise Coverage out of 2 million possible tests
  • These are better thought of as "Test Ideas" than "Test Scripts" in my view (with acknowledgment to Matt Heusser for introducing me to that helpful term)

Coverage of All Possible Pairs

  • 90% coverage is achieved after only 10 tests
  • If the test inputs are reasonably well chosen, those would be 10 pretty powerful tests; if not, they wouldn't necessarily be, of course



PS: If anyone wants to tinker with / improve my first draft test inputs and test ideas, please feel free.  You can access them by going to this url:  http://app.hexawise.com/share/8YX89AZN


- Justin


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