Importance of Making Generalized Testcases

What is Generalized Test cases
Generalized test cases are the test cases which are written in a way that it can be reused for testing similar class products by adapting some changes in the master Test cases(Generalized Test cases). By this way, you could save lot of your time in writing test cases for the products under same category.

For example, you have a requirement for testing IP PBX with different other IP Phones like cisco, snom, polycom etc. and your IP PBX supports certain set of PBX features like call forwarding, parallal ringing, Early media etc.. and its fixed for all the phones. Your job is to write test cases for testing the PBX features with IP Phones.
So if you implement Generalized Test cases idea here by writing a common set of test cases for all the PBX features like call forwarding, parallel ringing etc.The test cases can be slightly modified when you create test cases for different IP phones.

Why to use Generalized Test cases
This is mainly for reducing the effort for generating the test cases.

I welcome your comments and questions on this.........

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Comment by David Luu on October 23, 2009 at 22:09
I think one form of generalized TCs in this kind of case would mean the test procedures are agnostic to the phone type, button and phone configuration, etc. (assuming the tester knows how to use the different phone types), as well as extension #, user/station name, etc.

This way, the test can be run by any tester for any supported phone type and the tester can configure the system for testing as they desire (e.g. whatever ext #, username, button configuration mapping the tester likes).

No need to duplicate the set of test cases for different phone types and force the tester to configure their system against a static config (unless all testers use the same static config, in which case that no longer matters).
Comment by Dave Whalen on September 24, 2009 at 17:16
I agree with you on reuse of test cases, but I'm still not on board with "generalized" tests. I'm a little concerened when a tester has too much leeway. Great for exploratory testing, but i prefer a little more structure especially during regression testing.


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