100 Hours of Testing Practice - 50 of 100

I'm not really sure if it's 50 hours I've now done or more, to be honest I suspect it's more. After many hours working on the Ruby goodness on trains, plains and ... hotel rooms it's a bit tricky to keep a tight track on what's been done.


Ah, yes... all that travel is because I've been called to site to deliver some Client work hands-on, after so many months living the Lab life in Spain too! Oh well can't complain :)


What have I been working on then? Only a kick-ass text based adventure game called The Odelium! Yup, I decided a little bit of putting-it-all-together was required. Now I'm not saying the code is that sounds or even structured well, but there are a couple of objectives in creating it;

  • Practice Ruby in a less batch-like mode, as you'll recall from a good few posts ago
  • Get something in place that tools like Cucumber and RSpec can be used against

I may be focusing on Ruby, but that includes using it with test tools too.


So what does Odelium look like right now?


It's split into a set of files that are dedicated to having certain functionality or jobs. For example there's ad-index.rb which is the main control script that calls functions and controls the general flow. Is this the way to do it? Seems the easiest way to me. Another key file is ad-hero-generator.rb that creates our hero and assigns their attributes, it also creates a .txt character sheet.


All methods and classes are split into two other files, namely ad-methods-lib.rb and ad-class-lib.rb, you can guess which is which I'm sure ;p

Here's a Mind Map that lays things out a bit more visually

You can see a quick video of the scripts running here: http://screencast.com/t/TopwJoXnSvU

Or pick up the files here: https://github.com/MarkCTest/Script-Bucket/tree/master/game


Next update will be looking at how we can go about testing the above.

If you try it our and notice any issues in the meantime (and there are plenty...) then post a message here :)



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