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Bugs I choose not to report YET.

In my recent blog I mentioned an extreme test reporting case - bugs hidden from some stakeholders. I want to continue this topic. Because my blog motto this year is writing what guru testers don’t typically talk about. Today I want to admit my biggest sin – sometimes I report test passed although I know or at least suspect there is a bug. Some bugs need to mature just like a wine……


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Test Conference in Riga –Call for papers

Haven’t been in Riga yet? Want attend a cheat test conference? Attending 11th test conference in Riga this summer is for free. Language – English. If you are interested to talk - Call for papers is just announced.

One of topics – post agile testing

I’ve been talking on this conference for last 8 years already. One thing intrigued me this year. Call for papers recommend (among other) a topics post agile testing. I… Continue

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Different test reports for different stakeholders?

I just spilled my coffee on the table… what a shame. But wait a bit – I’m the only one in an office and if I clean up before anyone notice - the shame would be all gone, wouldn’t it?

If we fix bug in a sprint where it was introduced then our customer don’t need to know about the bug, do they? We are lucky to have JIRA defect reporting system with it’s ability to mark some bugs confidential hiding them from customers, aren’t we?

There is but one problem when you hide… Continue

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The Truth about test estimation

Management asks you to estimate testing. You try hard but your estimate is declined because it significantly extend what they had in mind before asking you.... Ever been in such situation?

There is nothing wrong about it! The goal of test estimation isn’t always the estimate. “Test estimation” in a lot of cases is actually a testing (service) quality (how much will we test) negotiation process; i.e. if you estimate twice as much you know you have to test less carefully than… Continue

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What’s so different in SOA performance testing?

I’ve been skeptic about articles talking about SOA performance testing special challenges. Last project experience showed I was wrong. There is a specific. It is not directly related to SOA. It is related to fact systems exchanging information must be emulate along with user load. Some of them could create unpredictable load to your system. Besides synchronization process performance may vary a lot depending on the size of delta between systems.

In general SOA performance testing… Continue

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Exploratory Testing can’t be done under pressure

Blogging is my way of thinking about testing and learning more about testing. I’ve been thinking why I’ve not been blogging almost a month. Is not learning a problem for me? Is not learning a problem for an Exploratory Tester?! Yes it is, because learning is part of Exploratory Testing. Read on more of my conclusions I’ve done today

Self deception

I’ve seen blogs which says basically “I’ve not been blogging because too much work to do”. I have just the same… Continue

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Another excuse for bad testing: don’t have a tool

3 year ago I wrote For functional testing excuses like “we can’t do good tests without detailed requirements, or too late code freeze” don’t work any more..

But there is an excuse still seem to work – “we don’t have the appropriate tools purchased” or “we don’t have time dedicated for test automation”. A lot of effort is put into manual regression tests and not enough to test new… Continue

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Why should exploratory tester salary range?

I’ve seen companies that differentiate salary based on list of “responsibilities”. Only execute written test cases - junior role and salary is low. If you design tests – intermediate, able to define approach/strategy/plan – senior.

However doing Exploratory Testing requires single person to do everything. So everyone deserves the same salary, right?! Wrong!

What’s a difference between junior and senior ET?

The difference is skill, right? Now what difference does it to the… Continue

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Providing your test visibility: self criticism lesson

No, not again! I was told by a customer management to provide more visibility into test process. Recently I’ve blogged series of providing visibility into functional testing, but I was so busy with functional testing that forgot about non-functional. I’m still working on ways to provide the visibility, so today I only wanted to blog about how essential it is to be able to provide it.

Who is your Dr Watson?

We learn a lot about Sherlock Holmes from… Continue

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How I manage ET using JIRA TC

This is my yet another attempt to understand how to manage Exploratory Testing. I try to learn from how would i "manage" exploring a territory.

This blog contains details of managing Requirements Based Exploratory Testing in my current project. I use “test case” (and the tool is JIRA + confluence wiki). I’m happy to have customized Test Case… Continue

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Requirements Based Exploratory Test Management: overview

So as a tester I’m a big proponent of Exploratory Testing. But as a test manager I know it’s hard to manage. Even harder to describe what’s done. Yet harder: to understand and describe what’s left. The hardest: to do it so that both developers and customers would understand. I don’t fool myself anymore hoping they understand the QA language. I know: everyone have their own interpretation of test case and bug statistics I’m providing. I've realized that my real problem is translation between… Continue

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Requirements-based exploratory testing: Intro

In my last blog I promised to describe my test management approach: an alternative to the well known best-practice – manage it using “test cases”. I try to keep promises especially those I give to myself. However I realized it’s quite a topic so I split it into several parts. In this blog I’ll introduce my approach by metaphor.

Metaphor: shopping list

I’m used to take the list going to supermarket. List is a shopping requirement: it tells me what I must put into my… Continue

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Test Case management using JIRA (and wiki): experience

Why do we write test cases? To manage testing? Yes I used to believe it is easier to manage defined test cases rather than people. I’ve developed a different approach. However you will have to wait for my next blog to read about it. In this blog I want to share my (2 years of) experience with managing test cases in JIRA.

Hint 1: JIRA is for management, not for content

First of all we don’t store test case content (sometimes referred to as test steps though I don’t like this… Continue

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Are we all hypnotized by term Feedback?

It seems to me that word feedback was adopted by software development field so quickly that it became a buzzwords with the typical issue of using it loosely or carelessly. Am I wrong? Analyzing cases where the word was used turned out to be so exciting that I want to share my observations.

Why I do so? I don’t care for term usage I care that we are careless about the bigger story behind the term. And there is big story. Are you able to give and receive meaningful feedback? I’m still… Continue

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Knowledge is not wisdom

James Whittaker writes that we (software testers) lack a body of knowledge that is passed from wizard to apprentice. I may agree with that. However knowledge (spell books) alone is not enough.

It is dangerous, very dangerous to assume that it is enough for wizards to write the spell-books so that apprentices could read the spells from them.

That’s actually how a lot stories in fantasy… Continue

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V&V is not all a tester does

I associate Verification and validation with process of comparing documented requirements with code. However if we want to create software that users is willing to pay for (instead of simply protection from being sued for low quality software) then perhaps testers should do something more…. Let me tell you what I do and why

The gap between requirements and user needs

I believe everyone have seen tire… Continue

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Test Conference in Riga goes international

10th Annual Conference for Software Testing Professionals in Riga, Latvia is somewhat unique event as it is free of charge (venue, proceedings, coffee breaks, handouts), thanks to sponsors and enthusiasts organizing it! This year I tried to speak English as many other Latvians did. We hope to attract more testers from Baltic region in future.…


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I Need a tool for specification based testing

I have been wondering for years why some tester cultures keep copy-pasting text from requirements into their test cases (sometimes adding “validate that” word or something like that). And later on spend a lot of time updating test cases because requirements keep changing. I have a better idea, which seems so natural to me that I can’t understand – either this is discovered by other people already (any links, please) or I’m just so blind and don’t see potential issues using such an approach…… Continue

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GWT performance test hints (and grinder script samples)

I had a trouble with performance testing GWT. Some of the problems were solved by correcting char-set and removing encoding – i.e. turning off data zipping. So I’m successfully testing GWT using grinder now... See details below (they are described for grinder, but I believe the same could apply to JMeter and other tools.

More over I want to share the story of why client-side performance becomes an important part of performance testing in case of GWT.

What’s so special about… Continue

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Data correlation using grinder

As I’ve just discussed when creating performance test scripts we sometimes need to do what is called correlation in load runner. Load Runner has a nice feature where you could define the correlation rule and it will do the magic for you during recoding. In other tools you may need to do it manually. I’ve attached a sample grinder script (python) that does the stuff.

In this case I know that… Continue

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