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Keynote: Test Maturity Model Integration, Erik Van Veenandal

This was Thursday's keynote. I won't go into a long description of TMMi, as I think the links below will probably give more and better information than I can.

Erik started by emphasising that there's little purpose in pursuing TMMi if you don't have the fundamentals to support this - better to put your energy into pursuing those. Decent requirements and project planning, for example, without which it doesn't much matter how great your test plan is. You also need management support,… Continue

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Heuristics: Solving Problems Rapidly, Michael Bolton

I haven't had a chance to update with any more blog posts until now, but I'm sitting here enjoying the EuroSTAR Testing Quiz and trying to write a blog post at the same time, so if it seems a bit scattered I apologise!

This was a workshop run by Michael Bolton. It's hard to convey a workshop as part of the point is being there, but I would recommend attending this if you get the opportunity. Michael spent the first part of the workshop discussing heuristics, and then ran an exercise… Continue

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The Best of Both Worlds: Derk-Jan De Groot

Just listened to a talk by Derk-Jan about exploratory testing (which I don't really know much about) and bringing these techniques into a more traditional structured environment.

What I didn't get an opportunity to ask was:
Can you *bootstrap* your team into using a more exploratory testing approach without needing in-house expertise? Or are you likely to have problems unless you have either a consultant or an already experienced exploratory tester on staff?

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Off to Eurostar!

Just preparing to head off to the Hague for the Eurostar 2008 Software Testing conference. If you were at the September SIGIST you might remember the draw for a free place to the conference - I was the winner! I wasn't sure if my employers would be able to stump up the travelling costs for me to attend, but they did. (Actually, getting there is costing less than going to London by train - this doesn't seem right, somehow).

Before SIGIST I'd never been to any kind of professional… Continue

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