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Bold Boasts, public goals and social reality: making a goal and sticking to it

At the beginning of the year, I saw a blog post from Adam Yuret explaining how he planned to sit down and read "Agile Testing".  He's blogged before about having difficulty staying on track to finish most books, so I was interested to see how he'd planned to reach his goal - "Agile Testing" is a bit of a behemoth of a book, 500+ pages.  I…


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Just in the middle of my first WNT session :)

Here's the mindmap I created during the session

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Anyone going to the December SIGIST? Or the Agile Testing and BDD Exchange?

I hadn't been planning to go to December's SIGIST, but now I see there's a talk by Gojko Adzic that I've heard a lot about and would like to hear: "Winning Big with Agile Acceptance Testing ‐ Lessons Learned from 50 Successful Projects"

And I'm thinking about it.

On the other hand, the Agile Testing and BDD Exchange… Continue

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Implementing a tester's playbook

Prompted by Simon Morley's blog post about showing your thinking, I thought I'd show my thinking on something one of his commenters mentioned - a testing playbook.

Let's set the scene:

I work (currently) in a scripted shop. Lots of procedural manual test scripts,… Continue

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New Kid

Saw an interesting blog post from someone in a new job unsure how to react to a developer's comments. I'm curious to see how other people respond to the situation he presents. There are three comments so far, all with quite different approaches.

Perhaps because I've recently accepted a new job offer myself, I found myself focusing on the "new job" aspect of his post, more than… Continue

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SIGIST in London next Thursday...

Ok, I can't possibly be the only person on the STC going to this, can I?

Maybe I am. Would be nice to meet up with folks if there is anyone else going though!

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A testing playbook

Heads up on something interesting I saw just yesterday on twitter: James Bach said: "For testers: what is an alternative to test cases and procedures? Answer: a testing playbook."

Oh. What's that? I read on. And smacked my forehead. Go and read the discussion to see why. But to give some idea:


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Weekend Testers Europe: EWT01


We just wrapped up the first session of EWT01. What a great bunch of testers, that was such good fun. Many thanks to all participants, and of course to Ajay and Markus, my co-conspirators.

Keep an eye on for more info about Weekend Testing! Remember you can sign up for Bangalore/Chennai/Hyderabad sessions too, I also attended WT21 this morning so it's been a Weekend Testing packed… Continue

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Weekend Testers Europe

Hi folks,

You might have noticed various posts and tweets from Markus and myself about Weekend Testing lately. We're now looking to find a small number of keen testers to participate in the early sessions this January, for the new Europe chapter. Contact info below… Continue

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There have been quite a few books published in the last few years that identify deliberate practice as an essential component of success. 'Outliers', 'Talent is Overrated', 'The Talent Code', and more. (Anyone got a link for that Mary Poppendieck talk on deliberate practice? That's good too.)

Deliberate practice, however, may not be straightforward to accomplish at work for many of us. (And that's assuming that you're currently working!). Even in economic good times, many… Continue

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Thrown in the deep end: Safe learning situations

Markus Gärtner has been writing a series of posts about learning and software craftmanship recently. Well worth checking out.

I'm struck by his repeated use of swimming training as an analogy. It's interesting for me to read this, as my experience of… Continue

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A response to Markus's post "On Education"

I've been thinking about this post of Markus's recently, and about my own CS degree. It's about two and a half years since I graduated - though it took me about seven years to complete the degree, as I was working full time. My degree was a little different to the standard UK 3-year full-time on-campus BSc - for a start, I think it was the first degree course in the world resulting from a partnership between an… Continue

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Keynote: Test Maturity Model Integration, Erik Van Veenandal

This was Thursday's keynote. I won't go into a long description of TMMi, as I think the links below will probably give more and better information than I can.

Erik started by emphasising that there's little purpose in pursuing TMMi if you don't have the fundamentals to support this - better to put your energy into pursuing those. Decent requirements and project planning, for example, without which it doesn't much matter how great your test plan is. You also need management support,… Continue

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Heuristics: Solving Problems Rapidly, Michael Bolton

I haven't had a chance to update with any more blog posts until now, but I'm sitting here enjoying the EuroSTAR Testing Quiz and trying to write a blog post at the same time, so if it seems a bit scattered I apologise!

This was a workshop run by Michael Bolton. It's hard to convey a workshop as part of the point is being there, but I would recommend attending this if you get the opportunity. Michael spent the first part of the workshop discussing heuristics, and then ran an exercise… Continue

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The Best of Both Worlds: Derk-Jan De Groot

Just listened to a talk by Derk-Jan about exploratory testing (which I don't really know much about) and bringing these techniques into a more traditional structured environment.

What I didn't get an opportunity to ask was:
Can you *bootstrap* your team into using a more exploratory testing approach without needing in-house expertise? Or are you likely to have problems unless you have either a consultant or an already experienced exploratory tester on staff?

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Off to Eurostar!

Just preparing to head off to the Hague for the Eurostar 2008 Software Testing conference. If you were at the September SIGIST you might remember the draw for a free place to the conference - I was the winner! I wasn't sure if my employers would be able to stump up the travelling costs for me to attend, but they did. (Actually, getting there is costing less than going to London by train - this doesn't seem right, somehow).

Before SIGIST I'd never been to any kind of professional… Continue

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