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Prove your assumptions: a skills survey story

I’ve always been concerned about the overrating of technical skills in the testing career, probably due to my lack of technical background. I’ve stated my opinion (that is, they are important, but sometimes overrated) in several places, like in my Spanish blog (here) and,…


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The TestBash 2.0 discovery

A few weeks back, I attended TestBash 2.0 and had a great time, heard interesting talks, met cool people... and made a discovery, and now I am about to tell you.

Well, not immediately, bear with me for a couple of paragraphs, ok? ;-)

According to the organisation, TestBash 2.0 is “a one day…


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Selenium IDE hints - Intro, recording, waiting

So far, Selenium IDE has saved my testing life so many times that I have decided the following:

  1. To dig deep into this essential tool for testers, in order to understand properly what it is, what I have been doing with Selenium IDE, how I can take more benefit from it, etc.…


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From test cases to mind maps: a personal experience

The trigger of this post was a comment on my other blog, asking for the results of a research I did on test case management tools at the beginning of 2011. This research was stopped after some months, as I progressively realised that a test case management tool wouldn’t fit my current context, but I never officially concluded it. I am not…


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Liveblogged! Introduction to test strategy by Rikard Edgren

So yes, this is my first liveblogging experience, to see if it suits me more than live-tweeting. This blog post hasn’t been live blogged as the …


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QA&TEST 2012

For the second time this year, I have been fortunate to win a free ticket to the QA&TEST 2012 conference held in Bilbao on 17, 18 and 19 October. And yes, I feel very "fortunate", because now that the event is over for less than 72 hours, I can officially say (again) that the experience has been...…


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Game of Thrones: The night's testers

Apart from being a testing fanatic and some other things, I declare myself a TV series addict, and series like Game of Thrones, the HBO production based on the “A song of ice and fire” book series written by…


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Bugs that harm your self-esteem

This is a bit embarrassing.


The elevator that takes me to and away of my flat in a second floor of a Barcelona block seems to be broken, as every time I get in, the alarm starts to beep and a robotic voice claims that the elevator's weight limit is been exceeded...


Is it broken? Probably, but I'd be lying to you if I denied to have thought about a possible personal weight increasing and about my more prominent belly these days. No, no... Probably some…


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