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How to pass a coding interview as an automation developer

Are you an automation developer looking for a new position? Let's simulate the experience of a coding interview:

  1. Open up a browser and Google the keyword "stopwatch."
  2. Take out a blank piece of paper and a pen.
  3. Press the "Start Button" on the stopwatch web app, then attempt to answer the following question:
"Using your favorite programming…

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Some basic Fundamentals of Software Testing.

What is Testing?


Testing is a process of examining the competence of anything under a definite condition.


What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a process of examining/inspecting a system/software or an application under controlled and specified conditions.

There are four levels of testing:

  1. Unit Testing.
  2. Integration Testing.
  3. System Testing.
  4. Acceptance…

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Is Software Test Automation needed?

Do we need automation?

Industry has been transformed from Waterfall model to Agile, XP or Scrum and surely those words will sound familiar to you especially during the recent years.

Especially in the case of scrum, the first scrum team in which Jeff Sutherland participated took place in 1993, almost 23 years back, and now it’s mature enough to be implemented by large companies.

The big challenge here is that every time you’re doing SCRUM you’re splitting up your work…


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Continuous Development = Continuous Load Testing

In a recent poll, 93% of QA Testers said that Load Testing Tools would be the priority tool for them in a unified testing platform.

This is understandable with continuous development driving the introduction of new features in applications at a rapid rate increasing the risk that these changes have negatively impacted the applications performance. To gain assurance that issues haven’t developed, load testing needs to become a continuous and automated process alongside…


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How to use UFT testing Tool


Provide me help regarding to UFT testing tool , i am  beginner for this type of  testing 

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Software Quality Bots will Change the Way We Think of Code!

There’s a lot of ‘bot talk’ going around. Here a bot, there a bot, everywhere a bot bot! Chatbots for everything of course (think Alexa), social media bots, gaming bots, music bots, yoga bots, shopping bots, food delivery bots, the list continues.

Being in software quality for a good part of my professional life and seeing all the ‘botification’ around me, I started thinking about a ‘software quality bot’.  A software bot to fix the software it is running on – sounds…


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First day as an automation developer? How to find the right balance between the DEV and QA mindset

Have you just been hired as an automation developer? Congratulations on your new role! Being an automation developer is tricky, since it's a bit of a hybrid position. You will need to learn both software development and and software testing — dual skill sets that may at first seem to be at odds with each other. With enough practice, though, you will find that they compliment each other, working in harmony. 

What automation developers do, essentially

Allow me to sidestep the…


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Migrating to Selenium: Challenges & Opportunities

Organizations are taking the digital route to ensure digital empowerment for their customers. As per one of the research reports, “Digitalization is on a rise. In next five years, digital revenues will be up from 16% to 37% as an estimate”. In this situation, it is vital to strengthen your web applications by validating the functionality as well as its Graphical User Interface (GUI). This makes certain application performs as desired in all possible scenarios.

Test Automation enables…


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How to make better test estimates?

We had an interesting discussion (even dispute) about estimation in and internal workshop on that topic. I have been thinking about it since and want to share my conclusions.


Test estimation: the disagreement

The accuracy of an estimate increases and effort required to do that estimate reduced through the project, as I learn more about the business, customer expectation, technology, process, even developers and the mistakes they are usually making. It is wrong…


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Worlds of software development

The concept of the four schools of testing has got a lot of attention in the last few years, a lot of it not complementary. The schools of testing get a lot of their meaning from the different types of software developed. Joel Spolsky had written about the different types/worlds of software development1. He had also…


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3 Motivations That Made Me Switch From iOS to Android

As a mobile evangelist at Perfecto, i foresee the entire mobile and web space for the past 10+ years, following major trends both in the device/hardware front as well as the platform/OS (operating System) front.

I was an Apple user for the past 2 years, using an iPhone 6 Plus device both for my personal as well as my work daily activities. Last month i decided it's time for a change and i replaced my iPhone with a Google Nexus 6P phablet.

Let me explain some of my…


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Content Encoding Error in Jmeter : Resolution

I was working on Jmeter today and was getting an error as in below screenshot.

After searching on google, i got below resolution so thought to share with all.

1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser and at address bar write about:config

2. Click on "I'll be careful, I promise"…


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Selenium Test Automation: From the ground up

Ninety-nine percent of the software applications today run in the internet browser either in a laptop or on a mobile device. The efficiency of testing such applications widely varies among organizations globally. In this digital era of highly interactive and responsive software applications, the organizations are forced to adopt some form of agile methodology making test automation a frequent need of the hour.

Test automation is all about employing an automated tool to run repeated…


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When should we tell ourselves that now test can be stopped!

This story is not very old. The day before yesterday or two or some more days before yesterday our developer gather us and told us about some changes she had done and we have to test those. One of those changes is to test some certain features where users can give new entry. They can view those entry. They also can update and delete those given entries given that they have relevant roles. And a relating feature is that, they can view/ create those entries both from a editable mode and also…


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I want to Contribute in Testing/ Technology

Hello All,

I am in Testing Profession for around 4 years. I work at a company in Testing position as a full time tester.

But I like to wander around and help people in my free times. I always try to learn new things and to try new things. So if anyone of you wants any help regarding testing or anything related feel free to knock me.

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Bug & Ideas Hunting (Bug Bounty) Program with a Year Round Reward

Following a launch of Robot Don, a machine learning tool that facilitates essay writing, announces…


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The Sociology of a Uber booking

This is what goes on in the background of booking a cab.  There is so much that can impact the outcome of using a software that makes software testing and development complex.  Note that Uber is very different from other software in that it reaches out into people’s lives.  Technical software may not have such an impact.

Mom calls at 8 am on Sunday. 

She wants me to book a cab for her.

She sent a whatsapp message, since my bedroom doesn’t get good mobile reception…


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Ain't it awful??!!

This blog post is a personal disclaimer.  There may be some learning for readers.

A few weeks back I witnessed an elderly friend suffering when his Facebook account was hacked and he couldn’t get the problem resolved.  When you see the user of a software facing problems, you can’t help feeling sorry for them and blaming the developer or the organization who created the software, ‘How could you do that …?!!!’, ‘…if only you cared….’

In the last few years, there have been…


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Smart way to calculate statement and decision coverage test case

Hello friends,
Need your help to calculate test cases based on statement and decision coverage. I have been through other knowledge sources and YouTube but still would appreciate a logical explanation. Thanks in advance!!

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What should be the name of next version of Android (N) ?

Android version names have always been in the name of some sweets/desserts. If you take a look on all android versions you can see lots of desserts all around.

Just have a look:

Android Versions

Source: Wikipedia

Traditionally it was google team which was involved in giving appropriate names to these android versions. However first time ever, google has provided an opportunity and asked users to suggest and…


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