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When should we tell ourselves that now test can be stopped!

This story is not very old. The day before yesterday or two or some more days before yesterday our developer gather us and told us about some changes she had done and we have to test those. One of those changes is to test some certain features where users can give new entry. They can view those entry. They also can update and delete those given entries given that they have relevant roles. And a relating feature is that, they can view/ create those entries both from a editable mode and also…


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I want to Contribute in Testing/ Technology

Hello All,

I am in Testing Profession for around 4 years. I work at a company in Testing position as a full time tester.

But I like to wander around and help people in my free times. I always try to learn new things and to try new things. So if anyone of you wants any help regarding testing or anything related feel free to knock me.

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Bug & Ideas Hunting (Bug Bounty) Program with a Year Round Reward

Following a launch of Robot Don, a machine learning tool that facilitates essay writing, announces…


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The future of testing is in your hands

I am regularly asked for input and opinion on the testing industry: its role today and where is it heading?

I have now spent a year…


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The Sociology of a Uber booking

This is what goes on in the background of booking a cab.  There is so much that can impact the outcome of using a software that makes software testing and development complex.  Note that Uber is very different from other software in that it reaches out into people’s lives.  Technical software may not have such an impact.

Mom calls at 8 am on Sunday. 

She wants me to book a cab for her.

She sent a whatsapp message, since my bedroom doesn’t get good mobile reception…


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Ain't it awful??!!

This blog post is a personal disclaimer.  There may be some learning for readers.

A few weeks back I witnessed an elderly friend suffering when his Facebook account was hacked and he couldn’t get the problem resolved.  When you see the user of a software facing problems, you can’t help feeling sorry for them and blaming the developer or the organization who created the software, ‘How could you do that …?!!!’, ‘…if only you cared….’

In the last few years, there have been…


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Smart way to calculate statement and decision coverage test case

Hello friends,
Need your help to calculate test cases based on statement and decision coverage. I have been through other knowledge sources and YouTube but still would appreciate a logical explanation. Thanks in advance!!

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Are bots the new apps?

Bots have been getting everyone's attention lately. With headlines like Facebook’s plan to use business bots to make money on its 900 million‑user chat app Messenger and billion‑user WhatsApp, it is not hard to see why.…


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What should be the name of next version of Android (N) ?

Android version names have always been in the name of some sweets/desserts. If you take a look on all android versions you can see lots of desserts all around.

Just have a look:

Android Versions

Source: Wikipedia

Traditionally it was google team which was involved in giving appropriate names to these android versions. However first time ever, google has provided an opportunity and asked users to suggest and…


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Switching careers in QA: From manual testing to automation development

Are you a manual tester? Are you attempting to switch careers in the software testing industry? Are you trying to break into automation development? In this article, I will outline how I made the transition from being a manual quality assurance engineer—a technical position that deals with next to no actual coding—to an automated testing position, where I am programming in Selenium and Java daily.

This transition didn't come overnight. It took years to lay the groundwork for this…


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Security Testing for WEB

Hi Guys,

I am giving some basic steps for security testing for application.

I am using a tool as ZAP(Zed Attack Proxy) because of below reason : -

1.Free, Open source

2.Involvement actively encouraged

3.Cross platform

4.Easy to use

5.Easy to install

6.Fully documented

7.Work well with other tools

8.Reuse well regarded components

ZED Attack Proxy (ZAP) – It was…


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Automation testing – Setting the right expectations

I want everything to run at the click of a button – Does this statement sound familiar? Well, am sure most of the automation test engineers can relate to this statement.  Everyone loves automation.  Its fast, reliable, makes optimal use of the resources by running overnight and doesn’t need human intervention. For management, they have finally found a solution that reduces testing effort and is more efficient when compared to a manual tester.…


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Resources For A Manual Tester Learning Java

While I was searching for my next software testing gig last year, I strangely found myself with too little hands-on programming experience. Normally, my degrees and knowledge of the software development industry would be enough... but I found out when I was interviewing that no longer could I as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer get away with simply documenting test cases in MS Word or MS Excel executing all the test cases by hand just like the end user of our web or…


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What is a QA Engineer?

You may have noticed on your neighborhood software development team a few people where coding the product isn't their main role. They aren't artists, so you know they aren't web designers on the User Experience team designing the user interface. They don't usually gather the initial business requirements, so they aren't business analysts. And every other word they talk about contains the word "test": Test Matrix, browser testing, test strategies, test cases, test scripts, regression…


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Shifts in the Software Testing Industry

You might not have recognized this if you have worked at the same job for the past couple of years, but the software testing industry has shifted. There is less demand for traditional QA Engineers. You may know the entire software development process, both Waterfall and Agile. You may be very skilled at working with business analysts examining the business requirements to make sure they are clear and concise. You may be quite good at coming up with great testing scenarios. But there are many…


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Does Software Testing require logical thinking at all ?


Testing remained nonessential for ages even after Software developing became the sole of every new exploration in terms of technology. However times have changed for better if not for the best with super colossal companies apprehending the importance of Testing. Yet it’s a strong notion among many, that Testing has nothing to do with logical thinking. It might require a gigantic force to overcome this very apprehension.

My experience in handling such…


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So, what do testers actually do? (And a whole list of awesome community news)

Hiptest: Manage and automate your tests at the speed of agile

Hiptest is incredibly easy to adopt for agile test management and for Behavior Driven Development. It now supports more than 20 test automation frameworks and have deep integration with …


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Predictive Analytics: Improve Software Testing Efficiency and Effectiveness.

With rapid increase in the complexity of software products, software testing has become imperative for the companies of all sizes. Until and unless the companies perform proper testing, they cannot launch or deliver a product within the set time. To do it on time, they need to have versatile test engineers, appropriate tools, required infrastructure, and then what to test as a priority needs to be determined. Companies need to apply predictive analytics on Software testing to identify…


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The Weekly RoundUp! 10 Great Questions from Software Tester to Architect and other community news!

Hiptest New Integrations With BDD frameworks: Test First, Test Faster

Hiptest is incredibly easy to adopt for agile test management and for Behavior Driven Development. It now supports the main BDD frameworks of the market: Cucumber, Specflow, Jasmine and many more.

Don’t miss our upcoming…


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4 Testing Essentials to Ensure End-to-End Performance of Your eCommerce Websites

So you have an eCommerce website which not only has payment gateways and shopping carts but also includes an extensive set of features like marketing automation, product catalogs, reporting and analytics, customer data and much more.

Being the owner of an eCommerce website, you must be experiencing severe headaches to ensure your website functions without any glitch and performs up to the mark. Of these, some of the common problems would be as follows:

  • Inability to serve…

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