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The European Software Testing Awards 2015 winners announced during Gala Dinner

Last night the global software testing and QA community came together for a celebration of excellence, teamwork and innovation.

The third annual European Software Testing Awards 2015 took place on 18 November 2015 at the…


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The cost of compromising on quality

It is commonly observed that in software development, the programming process is given much more weight than that of quality as it is still believed, that bugs can be fixed later, but the on time delivery is how you keep your clients happy and get more business. But that may not work in most cases or in a long run. This is widely accepted that any product with superior quality actually improves the business, has a positive effect on the investment, sales and growth of the company and wins an…


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Software as primetime television

A short while ago I caught glimpse of the latest instalment in the popular Crime Scene Investigation franchise: CSI Cyber. It’s already on its second series in the US, so this might be old news, but as someone…


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The Testing & Checking Discussion Lives On!

This week we have picked up that the "testing & checking discussions" just seem to keep on coming. Here are a few blog posts that keep talking about it.


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What will testing look like in 2020?

Software development has become significantly more complex in recent years, and quality assurance teams have a number of considerations to make when they approach testing for these new needs. Even within the next five years, we can expect testing to look different from its current state, but QA teams can prepare now in order to successfully leverage emerging trends. Let's take a look at a few…


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Exploratory Testing. What? Why? How?

The given article concentrates on one of the software testing types, which testers do not frequently use in everyday work.

Frankly speaking, profession of a tester is quite interesting and has a number of positive aspects. For example, one is able to use creativity at work and to imagine oneself as a worker of manufacturing or service sphere, who deals with program products.…


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How To Download A Github Project and Open It in Visual Studio

Today I want to share with you how to download a project from Github. You can do this with any project, but I specifically want to teach you how to download this Automation Testing framework that I developed. The framework is here:


For Visual Studio 2015 (Since the project was coded in VS 2015, importing it into here is the easiest. Another version will…


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Introducing a simple list of software testing conferences

Introducing – a simple list of software testing conferences and workshops published collaboratively with the testing community. 

For the past few years one of my professional goals has been to attend (at least) one testing conference or workshop per year, mostly because it’s such a great way to recharge and learn what other practitioners are doing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good source of events…


Added by Chris Kenst on October 30, 2015 at 15:30 — 2 Comments

Input Fields Testing Best Practices

Input field checking requires:

  • Processing of accurate data;
  • Processing of boundary conditions;
  • Processing of incorrect data within boundary conditions;
  • Processing of incorrect data in non-boundary conditions ;
  • Processing of compound data.…


Added by Iryna Chernenko on October 24, 2015 at 0:00 — 2 Comments

Mobile Testing Process in Software Testing Company

I would like to share my experience and describe peculiarities of mobile and web application testing.

I deviate a little bit from the topic telling that it was difficult to explain my grandparents what my job is. It’s hard for them to understand that mobile phone can be used not only for calling, but for lots of others functions important in daily life.

So, it was unreal to explain them that we were spending the whole days testing software products to make them fully…


Added by Iryna Chernenko on October 11, 2015 at 23:00 — 1 Comment

Software Industry structure

Software is used in every possible part of our lives.  As a result, the software industry is vast and diverse.  Understanding the structure of the industry can open new avenues for your career development.

A good start to categorize software is consumer vs. enterprise software products.  Consumer software includes software such as Facebook, while enterprise software includes software such as banking applications or ERP, i.e., software used in enterprises such as banks and…


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Metrics and Measures to Find the True ROI of Test Automation

Products and new features roll out in competitive market demands shortened quality testing cycles and time to market. With today’s new age applications, performing tests manually like regression testing and running the test cases multiple times can be laborious and…


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Comprehensive Software Testing Metrics: Why Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Quality assurance directors are continually on the lookout for opportunities to enhance their team's output and cut down on the number of costly flaws present in their released software products. Without a means to accurately quantify the performance of individual testers as well as the unit as a whole, such endeavors are destined to fail. Software testing…


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Where Should the Beginner Software Tester Get an Experience?

All the beginner software testers are wondering – where to obtain experience? Where to use the received knowledge? And there are numerous ways to do this!


The best way to obtain experience is - apply for a job. But since it is “Hello, Captain Obvious!” this item would be definitely out of the list. Lack of experience is the main reason for not being hired. What to do?

You can work for free, while…


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Why is Agile always scary?

When you are planning to make your team or your entire organization adapt to the‘agile’ methodology, then there will be some amount of fear associated because this is a new concept to the whole organization. The fear is quite natural because any new concept brings certain amount of fear along with it. But the bottom line is to find out the reason why everyone in the organization is so scared of Agile?  Are they scared because of the imminent changes in the entire methodology, productivity…


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What All Should I Test for My Cloud Based Applications?

Down the years, the IT industry has been at the center of a virtual evolution in the form of cloud computing. In the cloud computing model, everything is viewed “As a Service.” The main motto of this technology is resource sharing, with availability and allocation being on demand via the Internet. It gives enterprises the capability of storing data in third-party data centers, maximizes the effectiveness of shared resources and reduces overall cost of operation. Besides, “the cloud” also…


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Is there any naturally occurring blue food?

Leaving aside all jargon, a key skill in software testing is the ability to ask questions.  Before qualifying the type of questions, it’s a good idea to try asking questions without any restrictions.  For most people, it’s much easier to ask questions on a given subject or on a specific object.  The software requirements or preferably a user story provides such a context.  However, it is a good idea to not get too caught up in user stories when coming up with…


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What we need is more testing, not less

Testing has always been an important function in the software development cycle. However, quality assurance teams often couldn't devote as much time to it as a project required due to schedule constraints. The move to agile testing methodologies has streamlined processes and allowed QA to do more within their project's timeframe. With this new approach, it may seem that teams…


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What Are Peculiarities of Drupal Web Software Testing?

Drupal is a powerful content management system.

Software testing specialists say that its popularity is determined by its availability (it is free), flexibility (it allows to create web software of any complexity, for any purpose) and convenience (it is open source, well thought out and is constantly improved).

Nevertheless, Drupal web applications, as well as other ones, need proper performance testing, functional testing, usability testing,…


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Test, check, audit, investigation: what do I do actually?

OK, this is indeed just another blog about terms test versus check, but with some reflections from security testing field. So only read if you are not sick already with the test VS check type of conversation.

Last time I described how i do security testing in my organization it got labeled "internal audit" by a person from audience (who as you may guess is doing external audits (audit as 3rd party service).

I also see that people in functional…


Added by Ainars Galvans on September 17, 2015 at 9:25 — 3 Comments

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