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What is a QA Engineer?

You may have noticed on your neighborhood software development team a few people where coding the product isn't their main role. They aren't artists, so you know they aren't web designers on the User Experience team designing the user interface. They don't usually gather the initial business requirements, so they aren't business analysts. And every other word they talk about contains the word "test": Test Matrix, browser testing, test strategies, test cases, test scripts, regression…


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Shifts in the Software Testing Industry

You might not have recognized this if you have worked at the same job for the past couple of years, but the software testing industry has shifted. There is less demand for traditional QA Engineers. You may know the entire software development process, both Waterfall and Agile. You may be very skilled at working with business analysts examining the business requirements to make sure they are clear and concise. You may be quite good at coming up with great testing scenarios. But there are many…


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Does Software Testing require logical thinking at all ?


Testing remained nonessential for ages even after Software developing became the sole of every new exploration in terms of technology. However times have changed for better if not for the best with super colossal companies apprehending the importance of Testing. Yet it’s a strong notion among many, that Testing has nothing to do with logical thinking. It might require a gigantic force to overcome this very apprehension.

My experience in handling such…


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So, what do testers actually do? (And a whole list of awesome community news)

Hiptest: Manage and automate your tests at the speed of agile

Hiptest is incredibly easy to adopt for agile test management and for Behavior Driven Development. It now supports more than 20 test automation frameworks and have deep integration with …


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Predictive Analytics: Improve Software Testing Efficiency and Effectiveness.

With rapid increase in the complexity of software products, software testing has become imperative for the companies of all sizes. Until and unless the companies perform proper testing, they cannot launch or deliver a product within the set time. To do it on time, they need to have versatile test engineers, appropriate tools, required infrastructure, and then what to test as a priority needs to be determined. Companies need to apply predictive analytics on Software testing to identify…


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The Weekly RoundUp! 10 Great Questions from Software Tester to Architect and other community news!

Hiptest New Integrations With BDD frameworks: Test First, Test Faster

Hiptest is incredibly easy to adopt for agile test management and for Behavior Driven Development. It now supports the main BDD frameworks of the market: Cucumber, Specflow, Jasmine and many more.

Don’t miss our upcoming…


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4 Testing Essentials to Ensure End-to-End Performance of Your eCommerce Websites

So you have an eCommerce website which not only has payment gateways and shopping carts but also includes an extensive set of features like marketing automation, product catalogs, reporting and analytics, customer data and much more.

Being the owner of an eCommerce website, you must be experiencing severe headaches to ensure your website functions without any glitch and performs up to the mark. Of these, some of the common problems would be as follows:

  • Inability to serve…

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Software Testing Company: 7 Steps for Beginners

If you are a beginner in testing and dream about the job in software testing company – this article is made especially for you. Beginners always wonder what skills and experience one should possess to get a dream job. …


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Why do you need to perform Application Compatibility Testing?

Operating Systems or platforms and versions are increasingly releasing from diverse companies. These platforms always come up with new features or enhancements which try to attract the eye of customers. Since the new generation has already moved on to mobility, the customers want to access the desired application in a specific platform at a rapid pace. In order to produce a fully compatible application that complies with different platforms, compatibility testing is a must. It’s all about…


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How to use Selenium for Automation Framework using Eclipse tool

Hi Guys,

Welcome to Automation world :) .

As we already know that selenium is becoming a heart for Automation now a days.

I will let you know how to create a basic Automation framework with using eclipse tool.…


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What is Acceptance Testing and When to Run it?

Acceptance testing is a type of testing to be performed at the final phase of software development life cycle right before the product or its component is ready to be deployed to the customers.

Acceptance testing is aimed at validating whether the software build is acceptable for release.

The process is carried out through executing a set of test scripts and test cases that are built in terms of requirements specification for the software under development.…


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My welcome speech at The European Software Testing Awards 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the third annual European Software Testing Awards. 

Tonight we celebrate excellence in our industry, amongst our friends, our mentors, and new acquaintances.

This hall is filled with talented…


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Types of Performance Testing

Performance testing is a set of various tests that are aimed at evaluating working capacity, stability, resource consuming and other application quality attributes in terms of different scenarios and workloads.

Performance testing allows to find probable vulnerabilities and inconsistencies in the system so that they cannot adversely affect its performance. The system performance parameters necessary in a certain situation can be tested through:


  • Determining the…

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7 Software Testing Myths

Only quite a few people that have nothing to do with IT industry can clearly understand what work software testers really do. But even some of those directly involved in software development process are often mistaken about quality assurance specialist job.

So, let us disperse several popular testing myths. The information was provided by independent testing specialists.

Testing Process Is Too Costly

As they speak: “If you do not want to pay for…


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Why do men prefer to conduct (their) business while standing up?

Since agile was introduced, and especially in the last few years, there has been some confusion about the concept of testing in agile teams.  Agile seems to have it’s own approach to testing, which is considered if not better, contrary to common practices in testing followed in teams who don’t practice agile (Note that there is a third approach to testing, which I subscribe to, which is followed by the 

BDD is an important testing…


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'I don't know what I am doing!' - from baby steps to superhero in 12 months

I am not a tester. In fact until about 3 years ago I hadn't even heard about testing. Now I am about to start a job as a tester and its scary to think that I don't have the first clue about where to start. Undoubtedly the training and support from my new employer looks first rate and my first order of business is to shadow a senior tester until I have learned the ropes. Its the part that comes afterwards that I need to be concerned about. Going from novice to superhero in 12 months, because…


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The European Software Testing Awards 2015 winners announced during Gala Dinner

Last night the global software testing and QA community came together for a celebration of excellence, teamwork and innovation.

The third annual European Software Testing Awards 2015 took place on 18 November 2015 at the…


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The cost of compromising on quality

It is commonly observed that in software development, the programming process is given much more weight than that of quality as it is still believed, that bugs can be fixed later, but the on time delivery is how you keep your clients happy and get more business. But that may not work in most cases or in a long run. This is widely accepted that any product with superior quality actually improves the business, has a positive effect on the investment, sales and growth of the company and wins an…


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Software as primetime television

A short while ago I caught glimpse of the latest instalment in the popular Crime Scene Investigation franchise: CSI Cyber. It’s already on its second series in the US, so this might be old news, but as someone…


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The Testing & Checking Discussion Lives On!

This week we have picked up that the "testing & checking discussions" just seem to keep on coming. Here are a few blog posts that keep talking about it.


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