Getting Started

Want to get the most out of The Software Testing Club? This is a great place to start!

First up, and it's importatnt! Do check out our Community Guidelines.

Second, you can always reach out to Rosie or Richard - /

Want to get involved, try on one of the following:

1. Forum

Get participating in the forum, a place like this relies of the deep knowledge that you hold. Ask or answer a question whilst making some professional friends!

2. Videos

We have a huge collection of software testing videos that we have gathered over the years. Check them out or add your own.

3. Create A Blog Post

Either write a blog post within the community, no duplicate postings please!  If you have your own blog on the blogosphere then let us know it exists by dropping an email to and we'll add it to our Testing Feeds service, totally free!

4. List Your Software Testing Event

Another free service. No matter what your event is, as long as it is relevant to software testers, then you can add it to our events section.

5. Attend A Local Meetup

Or organise one. We run a Meetup group where members volunteer to run local meetups with support from us.

6. Find A Job. Post A Job.

We have a software testing job board. Find that awesome job or tester. Yup, it's free!

7. Join Or Start A Group

We have a load of groups created by our community members. Find and join one!

8. The Testing Planet

We publish articles via our Testing Planet brand. Contributions are welcome!

9. Resources 

Another project of ours via Ministry of Testing. We're always building and growing our list of resources.

10. Software Testing Conference and Training

At Ministry of Testing we hold our annual software testing conference in Brighton.  We also run regular and interesting public training courses.


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