Imagine a scenario where you can recieve a single course of training, fully paid for, in order to improve your job prospects.  What would it be?  ISEB/ISTQB or Agile Test or Test Automation?  Or maybe something less obvious?



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I've got a great answer, it depends. :-)

Do you have any ISEB qualifications already? Do you work in a field where this would improve your job prospects? I see that you worked in financial services, that might be helpful for jumping over the recruiter hurdle.

Becoming a Scrum Master seems to be the latest trend, not sure if you're interested in that?

If I had to choose and pick up one course only I would do Michael Bolton's Or Jame's Bach's Rapid Testing Course. I did that and it was the best one I ever did, an eye opener in many respects. It questioned many of my beliefs and I was thinking about the course weeks after - I take that as a good sign.

That might not mean much on a CV, but I think by learning to argue your case from different angles it will help in future jobs (and interviews) a lot - I know it will for me.

Hope that helps,

Hi Thomas,

Yes, I have the Foundation Certificate under my belt, and I have the training material for the Intermediate Certificate.

I am being made redundant at the end of the year, due to my current employer closing the R&D site that I'm based at - all our products are moving either to Italy or Canada for future development. I currently manage a team of 14, testing multiple products and release versions.

I've seen that Scrum Master (Agile) expertise seems to be sort after, from adverts I've seen - so that is one direction I'm considering.

Your comments on Rapid Testing are interesting - perhaps that is a better way to go.....
I'm just in the process of booking the Rapid S/W Testing course that Thomas mentioned. The plan is that James Bach will present the course to the whole test group (in the UK) during December. The course will use up all our training budget, but I feel it's worth it, not just because of all the positive feedback I've heard from the course, but also the key points in the course are improving exploratory testing and using Session based Test management which are two areas we are investigating and piloting at work.
Rapid Software Testing by James Bach would be my choice.
Managing the Test Process by Rex Black--pretty good.



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