Hey Mubashar,

My name is Ahsan and I live in london, just curious to find out what the software testing market is like in pakistan?



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Hi Ahsan,
Its really nice to see you. Before sharing my point of view I really want to know how do you see it?
Well it is growing as now organizations are looking for Software Tester. I am doing Software Testing for around Two years now, and I know some great developers in Pakistan but unfortunately i haven't came across many Testers. I am pretty sure that there will be(or there should be) software testers in every organization which develop softwares but i don't see them around on line and a simple googling can reveal it .
But there are people who are doing software testing see the google trends, we(The Testers of Pakistan) are just not verbal enough!
for me the reason for this is we do not have many institutions teaching Software Testing. When your words are not backed up by your education you wait for you experience to back them up. I am pretty sure you will see more and more Pakistani Testers online pretty soon as our experience will become our Teacher..
The Bottom line is Market is growing, Organizations have Software Testers, They are hiring more and more Testers but we(The Testers) haven't started claiming our cyberspace yet.



Thanks for your prompt and thorough response, appreciate it :)
Do you have an msn id that I can perhaps use to take this discuss further?

Mine is

Ok talk to you later

hii ahsan
i m a SQA Engr. working in karachi, plz guide me that what is the scope of SQA or Test Engr. in UK and USA..........i'll be looking 4wrd. cheers have a nice time.
My name is Javed and worked in California US and Halifax Canada as a Software Tester (Load Runner, Win Runner, Silk Test) etc and some Rational tools. I dont know anything about Pakistan that how we can make Business Plan as a Quality Assurance forum.
Hi Javed,
Hoping that you are doing great!
Its hard to Answer that How can you make a Business plan as a Quality Assurance Professional, By this i mean Running a Business around Quality Assurance Services.
As i mention once the industry is grown and most of the people have a Quality Department then they will need people like you who have both experience and exposure to tune the department, to Train them, To Educate them about software testing, to Help them improve there Software Quality Improvement activities.
IMHO the only place where you can make a business out of it, is a place where people already know the importance of Quality Assurance and they really want to improve.



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