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Nope, and I am happy to explain why using an anecdote. Two actually.


I was once a swimmer. From the age of six on I swam. During my teenager years, I got side-tracked, and finally gave up on swimming at the age of 15 after having had some serious training outages due to insuries. However, as the swimming club had provided me with about ten years of guidance in my young life, I felt attached to it. So, I volunteered to provide the things that became deer to me back to the swimming community in my local club. I asked to become a swimming trainer, helping kids to learn swimming. I gave up this hobby at the age of 31 having served the club in various positions, as notestaker, vice manager, manager, trainer, referee, ... for almost 15 years from that year on. Heck, I even started to swim again when some of my peers wanted to attend a swimming event where we didn't have enough people.


Now, looking back at my testing career, I dived into a testing job after finishing my university studies. From the first day on I learned what software testing is on my own - there were just "theories" back in university about it - and found myself in a group leader position 18 months later. Up to that point I didn't attend any testing course, testing certification course, or whatever. It took me three more years to realize there is something like the ASQF at all.


Do you see the difference?


Having said that, this is probably not the only reason I don't feel attached to ASQF at all, but one of the key factors. In comparison, I am happy to be a member of the Association for Software Testing (AST) in the USA, although they didn't actively do anything for me either. It's more that I feel more attached to their philosophy, which I miss for ASQF.

1) where is joke?

2) no, I did not understand.


After my research ASQF and STUG are the only German testing communities which delivers at least some  Erfahrungsaustausch. STUG is too far away from me, ASQF around the corner. So, I wanted to know, who else from SoftwareTestingClub/Germany are a member of ASQF.


I assume, its the "context" missing for all of us here (no offense intended).

When I read the thread opener the first time, I was under the impression for "ASQF" as an "institution" and their curriculum and content included. I was pondering if I should answer.

I dont know ASQF either, only by skimming the website, but I know, that in my current working position their methology and stringent procedure scheme is not fitting for the company I work for.


Plus the everlasting debate of the two sides of "sapient human testing" vs. "robotic factory testing".


Where just from the experience of some testers with institutions like ISTQB, ASQF, etc. there is a reaction to it.


Coming back to your point of "community"; that changes the context for me.

You have my respect for showing engagement to research communities for exchanging tester experience, hands-on or networking.

There are others of course as well, more the "non-physical" meetings, like WT, WNT, etc.


We did with STUGHH a mixed physical and virtual meetup for testing last month. We had people sitting in Hamburg, connected with people sitting in London and San Francisco.


So for the community aspect, there are other options, for german communities there are fewer.

I think, I remember that somewhere in Hessen are some user groups as well.


And there are always a few cost-free workshops, like "Norddeutscher Software-Testtag" and "Trends in Testing".

More a roadshow for certain vendors, but a) you meet people, b) there are some interesting topics and c) often you can "touch and feel" some applications and get the vendors to talk about it.




I don't get Markus' point either, and yes, I am a member of  ASQF --- not only because I am currently working in Nuremberg (near the home of ASQF).


Ist in dieser Gruppe eigentlich auch Englisch üblich/Pflicht, oder dürfen/sollen/wollen wir uns hier auf Deutsch austauschen?




I wonder what's so hard to understand about the point Markus was trying to make. He sees no value in paying for a membership of the ASQF and compares it to the help/support/value he got out of a swimming club membership.

But if you can get some value out of the ASQF membership, go for it.


I am not a member of the ASQF and I don't think that exchange of experience and paying for a membership only go together. As Maik already said, there are the regular STUGHH events, but you can also attend the talks of the GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik), which are actually often organized together with the ASQF.

GI group Bremen:

GI group Hamburg:

(just as examples, I guess there are a lot more)

Some of the testing topics are actually flawed, as they are representing the ISTQB way of testing too much (at least for me), but nevertheless it is a good way for an exchange of experience and they are open for everyone and free of charge.



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