... if you could only pass on one piece of advice?

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"Whatever you do, DON'T PUSH THE RED BUTTON!"

I'd assume you're either;

a - a metal fan,

b - not a Mac user,

c - a Mac user, but testing an application that gets screwed up by the red button.

If I were working with you I'd certainly want to get it clarified!

Actually I was thinking along the lines of a tester in charge of testing a doomsday device.

My post was about not forgetting that other people come from different contexts. For example, it is easy to assume here that the tester in question has to test SOFTWARE (or at least software that runs on a regular computer).

Actually, the red button has a name. It is called "Delete All" in a VM snapshot manager. With a new tester in residence, it's very existence give me nightmares.

I'd do a "Curly" impression from "City Slickers" and leave him guessing.

If I had only one thing to pass on it'd be:

"Know how to accept a story/feature before you start testing."

Ideally, this would be passed on to developers too. Too many features are developed without proper understanding of what is needed, often due to poor business requirements/stories, which leads to rework.

Classic - your brain is your best testing tool

I like this one!

so true! =D

I like this:-)

couldn't agree more! :-)

http://federico.galassi.net/2009/04/19/testing-the-big-picture/ attributes this quote to Weinberg:

The number one testing tool is not the computer, but the human brain in conjunction with eyes, ears, and other sense organs.

Related side issue: Many newcomers ask "what is testing?"

Do any of you know of a video clip presenting something like "A day in tester work"?

We must make some short video clip with a bit of humor, which presents our work to others - especially to newcomers. 



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