Hi All,

I'd like to gauge interest in an idea I've had -

My idea has come about due to having a friend working in another company who are interested in how we do things where I work (SkyBet). She works using waterfall methodology and is interested in how agile is done and seeing some real examples – so she came to visit. It turned out that the visit prompted loads more questions, from both sides on how we work and what the pitfalls are etc. Off the back of this I’ve arranged for several of my team to come up with discussion points or short presentations (10-15 minutes), my friend is going to bring along some test leads and other influential people from her company and we’re going to have our first get together. Not to point out how great we are, or what the ‘right’ way is, but to have a conversation, test team to test team, about what our real problems are and to put our heads together in how we can improve.

I know there are currently community groups for testers, I am part of many and go to the Leeds Tester Gathering whenever I can, I’d like to add to this by having a community of teams, in real businesses with real day to day problems. We’re not discussing our top secret amazing projects of course, just how we do things and what we can do to overcome obstacles, to get other testers opinions and to make us question ourselves, of course we’d like to do the same in reverse, visit other companies, see how they do things and what problems they face.

My first challenge will be to find companies in the North that are interested, we are based in Leeds - so if you work in the north and are willing to come visit/have us visit you please get in touch and we'll arrange something. Please bear in mind I want teams to visit as opposed to individuals, so if you are interested then start bugging your test lead/manager and get them involved.

Either leave a reply on here or my twitter handle is @girlstest2.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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Wish we were closer than Bristol, this sounds like an excellent idea. Think Adam Knight did something similar, but that was individuals rather than a team - would love to hear how this goes.

http://www.a-sisyphean-task.com/2012/09/a-contrast-of-cultures.html... is Adam's post btw.

Good thought



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