Just reposting what The Test Monkey wrote --> here <-- as it is not clear THERE IS A GIVEAWAY!



We have FIVE copies of 'The Tester's Pocketbook' to give away FREE to lucky members.

To be eligible, all you have to do is to provide an article for inclusion in the first STC magazine.

We'll ask the magazine team to draw five names randomly from the hat. It doesn't matter if your article isn't part of the final published edition, everyone who sends an article will be included in the draw!

So what better reason to get writing and contributing to our exciting new magazine? If you've never done anything like this before, now's the time to start!

Good luck...

About the 'The Tester's Pocketbook'

As Tony says above, it is indeed excellent and well worth adding to everyone's collection of reference material. No matter what your specialism or interests in testing, or your experience level, Paul's approach is very accessible and his 'axioms' are easily applicable to every testing context.

Many thanks to Paul Gerrard for his support of this offer, and good luck to him from all of us here.

(Note: closing date for this draw is either the cut-off date for submissions for the first edition of the magazine or else the 14th December 2009 (whichever is the earlier). Winners will be informed via an STC message.)


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Bribery and corruption, I thought STC does not believe in it. Think of poor souls who have not got a clue what to write or may have never writen an article before. I got a free book on data modelling by just completing the evaluation survey at the end of the conference that I attended today.

I am doing some writing around Agile processes and techniques and may be able to pull out Agile Testing chapter for the STC magazine.
I don't believe it is bribery or corruption.

It's just encouragement and reward for participating.

The whole point of the magazine is to encourage people to participate. That means anyone can submit something. There have been many people expressing an interest in supporting the magazine, many who have never written anything formally before.

Would rather reward someone with something (in this case the book) than nothing at all. The Test Monkey :) had the offer of the books and we thought the best way to give them out would be to those who are helping out with the magazine. I feel this is more fair than just randomly giving them away.

We have offered giveaways in the past and have been selective about the people we give stuff away to. Much of it comes down to the ethos of STC. Those that participate, those that we feel will appreciate and need offers/support are more likely to get stuff.

Last thing we want is to give away a book that ends up gathering dust.

Actually, you've really hit on the whole point, there... we're always thinking of such "poor souls" who have never done this before, thinking of new inclusive ideas and projects, keen to promote a culture of respectful debate.
Underpinning everything we do here at STC is an encouragement to everyone to feel confident that their views and opinions are respected by their peers and worthy of sharing, and that it should not just be the same-old well-known voices dominating the dialogue.

Thus, as Rob has been eager to stress, all contributions to the mag shall be most gratefully received. I look forward to maybe seeing something from yourself on agile or indeed any subject.

Thanks very much for your continued participation in the STC.


(As for things to give away, I think Paul Gerrard has been very generous to give us something for nothing, and the spirit of this kind offer is very much in tune with the STC philosophy. Unlike 'freebies' from paid-for conferences which are, let's face it, not 'free'!)



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