Test management plugins for JIRA. Was Zephyr a bad choice?

Hi - This may have been asked before - If so apologies.

I'm running the QA function for a consultancy. We have adopted JIRA for sprint management and I (mainly for reasons of expediency) adopted Zephyr as the manual test management tool for the first project. The problem I'm having is that I don't see a way of visually associating tests and bugs to user stories on a sprint (in the way that you can with a sub-task). They all just 'pile up' at the bottom of the sprint board. This means that I have to keep drilling into the stories and then clicking links to tests / bugs. Am I missing a trick with Zephyr or is it just incapable of doing what I want? If it is incapable can someone suggest a JIRA plugin which can do what I want?



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Hi Rob,

I would recommend to use PractiTest as a test management tool which has a great integration with JIRA (via plugin) and thanks to this tool's traceability tab you will always know what tests and bugs linked to your user stories. 




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