Hello everyone,

this is probably a bit different from most posts and I may not get much traction but hey, at least I tried!  To give the short version I'm a 2011 comp sci graduate, I worked in investment banking as support/dev for a two years and I'm coming up to 7months working as QA.

Unfortunately, it hasn't gone quite as I would have wanted due to various reasons, I've been left frustrated at several points, though I've been pretty happy/proud of other moments.  Overall, I feel like I'm lacking that feeling of progress in my craft/skills.

I'm seeking someone who is an experienced tester, someone who preferably been working in QA for 5years+ and has worked on some interesting stuff.  I am interested most in pursuing automated/scripted testing so experience here would be a great positive (not that I think its anything other than a tool to do good testing in the correct situation.)  Hopefully I could prove a useful person to bounce ideas off so this isn't a one way thing.

After being previously extremely ambitious and driven towards 'success' (I didn't actually have a definition for this I was just working really hard towards *something*) I have settled down a decent bit and am actively seeking balance in my life.  The bottom-line is that I want to become a better tester and I'd like someone who is established as a great tester to help me be more like them, who knows, perhaps it'll involve some laughs along the way and I'll be your drinks monkey at testing conferences :D

Thanks everyone

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Maybe time to revive this group?


Lots of member on this site, hopefully someone will step up and offer you some assistance.

If not ( or as well!), carry on posting your questions and experiences here

Thanks for the reply Phil, I actually searched previously and found that group but figured it was long dead!

I should have mentioned if anyone knows of any external resources for finding a mentor, I'd certainly appreciate a point in the right direction.

I may indeed have to start posting a few things about experiences in work and get some input from seasoned testers

I went through something that sounds similar some time ago and would be willing to help you out where I can.

I know that most of us would be willing to help ongoing - you can always ping us on twitter for quick, informal mentoring.

I'm @g33klady on twitter, and happy to answer any questions there or via email - g33klady at gmail dot com.

Happy to help!

I agree with @g33klady. A lot here are willing to help out, so keep on posting your questions here. Although I have a pretty good QA experience under my belt, I hesitated to take up the challenge on my own because I have never mentored testers outside my current team. Go ahead and ping me on twitter too @pinoytester 

HI Nicholas,

happy to help - icansoar@y7mail.com



Are there any testing meetups in Belfast?

Maybe you could meet someone there?

Unfortunately there is just one testing related one and it only meets for presentations from travelling speakers.  I've only been in the country again long enough for two events and both I've had to miss due to unforeseen circumstances.  Next event I'm there though!  Very much looking forward to meeting some local testers

Can I suggest you start your own Testing meetup? (www.meetup.com)

Even if it's at a cafe on an afternoon in the weekend :)

I'm sure there are a lot of Testers in Belfast who would appreciate the opportunity to network and exchange ideas...

It's definitely something that needs done at some point and something I'm considering.  I feel a bit of a fraud attempting to start a meetup with less than a years testing experience and being a crap tester lol.

I think for now I need to focus on getting myself 'right' then maybe one day will expand to doing a meetup.  I'd certainly wish to get to the current event meetup to gauge interest levels as well.

Thanks for the suggestion Nichola, once again you're completely right

Hmm, if you are open to the fact that it's a meetup group where people learn from each other. People won't think you're a fraud for organising it and bringing people together.

But fair enough, if there are other things you want to focus on for your personal development - then admittedly, this would be a bit easier with a wee bit more experience :)

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has replied both here and in private.  I'd like to thank everyone for taking time out of their day to even just read this post, never mind the many offers of help!  Most of all I'd like to thank the Software Testing Club, simply for existing and bringing together such a great bunch of people.  By comparison, I've been pushing for nearly a year to get a mentor, I'm perplexed why this should be difficult and why those above wouldn't want to help me improve but alas its a struggle, yet here a five minute post has resulted in several offers of help!

For those who very kindly messaged me I will be in touch very soon, I think the best approach is to chat to everyone for a bit and see how rapport builds, both parties should be better placed to judge whether they want to continue with mentorship or not (I'm 100% sure I can be annoying when asking lots of questions.)

TLDR: Thank you STC, everyone for reading and those who reached out to me



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