RedwoodHQ tool is feasible for E-commerce platform automation or not

Hi All,

I'm new to automation space and seeking for your valuable suggestions here.

We are looking at RedwoodHQ tool to automate our manual tests e-commerce based scenarios.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience working with RedwoodHQ tool. if so, I would love to hear your experience about developing a robust framework using this tool.

Your help is appreciated!



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RedwoodHQ  offers a lot of features like

- support for multiple language actions e.g. Java, Grovoy, Python and C#

- Multi-thread execution

- Good reporting

However there is a steep learning curve to start with as there is very little documentation available so if you have crossed that stage, it will be a good choice given it is free!

Thanks for you reply!

I totally agree with the documentation is little and it doesn't really provide enough information for the new bees like me. 

Does RedwoodHQ required any experience working with Programming languages though? I'm pretty beginner in terms of coding level so wondering if that learning curve includes any sort of Knowledge of any programming language that they support .

RedwoodHQ is just an automation framework, you would also need an automation tool like Selenium to create actions in Groovy, Java, C# etc. Having said that a lot of actions have already been provided in the sample project that RedwoodHQ installs so you may not need to code basic actions. However, you may have to customise some of the actions or create new ones depending on your requirements. 



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