Has anyone found a solution to the Product Backlog Item dilemma in TFS? The dilemma being mine, because nobody seems to be able to agree on the best method. The dev's are confused. The testers can't see the value. The manager just wants it. Round and round we go. The only thing that's been agreed on is avoiding the Bug as a Task anti-pattern.

Where do the testers create bugs?

What the hell are we doing? Testing. Checking. Both?

All I know is that I'm tired of the argument. And just want to get on with it. 

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I've found it has less to do with TFS and more to do with people trying to cram a bastardized hybrid methodology into an Agile framework. In theory, PBIs should close out each sprint. If the team cannot, it's likely there's too much 'stuff' in scope for one BLI. Are you truly using agile or are you just using the TFS Agile framework with whatever methodology your project adopted? Are you rolling BLIs over between sprints? Is Production the end-game or are you staging pieces of a system until it's all done for a final deployment?



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