Does anyone have an idea on this? Do app stores employ testing and certification vendors to validate the apps going onto the app stores or do they do it themselves?

If they employ outside vendors, do you know of any. Any mobile certification companies??

I am looking for a company that can test on real devices..and scale up for testing 100-200 apps/week. 

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We at Moolya ( recognize why you are asking the test to be done on real devices. I was a mobile phone application tester much before I started this company. I worked for a huge multinational that built its own simulator to test some of the apps. Over years, we realized that testing on simulators wasn't helping us. It ended up wasting our time a little too much. 

Closely working with an Android App development company and being mobile and touch devices geek ourselves, we have come to realize that what app works on one Android phone doesn't work on the other and what works for one carrier doesn't for other. There must be an underlying gene (my way of saying it) that is causing all this to happen. We are focusing on finding that gene to identify why this behavior. As simple stuff as screen resolution and size is supposed to work like magic when built for multiple sizes but they don't, always.

This is fun. We love it. We could help.

Hiya Pradeep,

You're absolutely right in stating there are problems testing on Androind, we've been caused problems with that more than once. I think the underlying Gene problem is in the Android OS itself, along with the updates process.

iPhone is much cleaner on both counts. I'm not surprised developers are having such a nightmare developing for Android right now (and us testers similar pain providing testing). Just Google 'Is Android OS a mess' for much entertainment and gnashing of teeth.

You guys should write a White Paper on your experiences and help sort the mess out! ;)


Please lets not turn this into a sales pitch post. I have removed one reply because of that.

I don't think Adam's question has been answered. Each app store has different guidelines. Apple for example are well known for rejecting apps. Much less so for Android.

I remember reading that Steve Jobs said that 'if you want porn, go elsewhere'. A clear statement that they have a clear quality procedure to keep out the low quality stuff. A bit like STC, no?

We have the STC Android App ( and we submitted and it was live 5 minutes later. No checks were in place there. Whether they check later is another question.

Whereas with Apple, it can take weeks for the app to be approved.

I don't think there are any guarantees (with Apple especially) that apps will be accepted, but am sure there are guidelines in place to try to increase the chances of success.

Rosie :) (the smiley says it all)


Let me answer Adam's questions:


Does anyone have an idea on this?

Idea on mobile apps testing, yes. If you could get a little specific as to what you mean or what is the context, I could give you more specific answers.


Do app stores employ testing and certification vendors to validate the apps going onto the app stores or do they do it themselves? >>


As Rosie pointed out, Apple has a scrutiny before they put the app on their App Store. Others (including Android) may not have that level of scrutiny unless there are complaints lodged on a specific app. With Android, there are some rouge apps that are still in the market. I am unsure for how long they have been there.

Android market has editors, so they would definitely try taking rouge apps out. However, the scale of apps that are being pushed out everyday on Android is so huge that it needs an army to scrutinize. This is why probably Apple has a delay in getting an App to be live.


If they employ outside vendors, do you know of any. Any mobile certification companies?? >>


There are mobile (handset) certification companies that do Bluetooth Qualification Board Testing, FCC compliance testing, EU compliance certification and all of that sort. For Apps, there ain't any I have heard so far and we hopefully want to differentiate by attempting to be one. However, to us "certification" is tricky word. If we were to "check" if an app is Apple App Store Guidelines compliant, yes. If you want us to certify that an app has been compliant to that, we could. That can never be done on simulators. We presume there are humans at Apple App Store who go through submitted apps and test for security, functional stability, iOS HiG guidelines...


I am looking for a company that can test on real devices..and scale up for testing 100-200 apps/week. 



In my view, every app store defines their own App Store Certification guidelines. they might use an external agency or do in-house testing of all apps submitted by developers' community. The most stringest guidelines are defined and followed by Apple over others and hence it adds to overall UX, quality & trust factor. 

On the other hand, Google Android market does rely on user's feedback (as you uninstall). However, they do clean up or remove suspicious, malware apps at regular intervals from their App Store to retain the quality & trustworthiness. The bigger challenge for them - for not being able to validate quality of apps is their android segmentation, thousand of devices by various OEMs that supports this platform with varied form factors & volume of apps submission per day basis (with better chances of getting approved)

While Amazon App Store launched recently is growing reasonable well... For Microsoft & RIM, volume of apps submission aren't that great to challenge them but they do have better processes.

My background and experience is in testing and test management of applications for handset vendors, shipped either as part of the main handset apps offering (i.e. embedded applications suchas the Phonebook, Messaging platform, etc) or those where the relationship between the developer and the handset vendor was close.

I'd also like to add to this discussion that it does also depend on the nature of the application and the developer or development house who are submitting the app. Handset manufacturers work closely with some development houses and so can pool their testing of the application prior to the submission into the apps store. In the cases I've seen the testing that was done was very comprehensive prior to app store submission.

I've not heard of cases where the app stores themselves were conducting highly detailed testing but I would be very interested to know if any actually were (so reading Adam's question has made me want to know the same answers :)

One thing to be aware of/ careful of in dsicussions like this - there's a wider world than just iOS and Android. We should also consider Java apps via well established stores like GetJar, and RIM and WP7 where the ecosystems are ramping up and growing in momentum (well especially in the WP7 case).



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