Hi everyone,

I'm just after some recommendations for mindmapping software. It's something i'd like to use in our day to day work here, but i'm not sure which is best for 2017 and I couldn't find a newish thread on the subject with the search function.

Rather than just pasting random links, could people give a brief overview of why they think it's the best?

Free is better, if possible.

Personally, i've used xmind before, and it was fine, but a bit heavyweight and these days various features are chargeable.


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I've used Coggle, MindMup and SimpleMind in the past.

I tend to find myself going back to SimpleMind alot, it's nice to use, not sure what it is compatible on these days.  I've used it on ipads and macs.

Hi, I have used both mindmup and Mind Meister and found them both easy to use with all the features that I needed, looking at the current pricing structures mindmup looks like it can be used more extensively for free. 

Are you looking for something that is accessed through a web page or a tool that can be installed locally?

A lot of the options require saving to the cloud or back up the maps to their servers, is that acceptable to your company from a security perspective or do you need to be able to turn those kinds of functions off and only save internally?

Will you want to have multiple people using/updating the maps at the same time so it will need to support real time collaboration?

I use mindmup as it is free, fast to draw, easy to collaborate and could export as clear outlines.



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