I can see a very helpful community here, so I decided to register hoping to get some advice. I suffer from a few health conditions that make moving around very difficult. I have accepted that any work I do has to be remote/work from my home. Software testing interests me, and I'm considering taking some courses to get the skills I would need to do some work. My question is would it be a worthwhile endeavour? If all work for testers is in the office, then I will have to think again. The problem is that I don't know enough about the testing world to tell if remote work (or freelancing) is a real option. I live near Manchester if that makes a difference. :) Thanks.

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Have you tried applying for any freelance jobs at upwork.com ?

I hire people there constantly (not QA, but development, research, design, etc.) and would probably look there as well if I was looking for a freelance QA.



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