I have been trying to record a script on using jmeter,however every time I start recording I get an error saying "Could not create script recorder>>keytool error:java.io.IOException was tampered with,or password was Incorrect."

However other users on same machine are able to record script.Below is an attached copy of screenshot of the error.Look forward to your help.

Thank You.

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There are too many possible reasons to guess them right here, I would just recommend deleting (or renaming) proxyserver.jks file (located under "bin" folder of your JMeter installation) and restart JMeter.

If you don't have permissions to do this there is an alternative way of recording JMeter tests: JMeter Chrome Extension which doesn't require any keystores, certificates, proxies, etc. you can just follow your test scenario steps in the browser. 

for the second solution we do not use chrome.its firefox.and I did try the first solution but did not work..

thanks :)


Install new JMeter version to a separate folder and try running it from there. If it doesn't help double check jmeter.properties and user.properties files and see the values of the following properties:

#proxy.cert.directory=<JMeter bin directory>
# define this property if you wish to use your own keystore
# The default validity for certificates created by JMeter
# Use dynamic key generation (if supported by JMeter/JVM)
# If false, will revert to using a single key with no certificate

above are defaults, if you have any custom settings you might want to reset them as well. There are few more recording options, i.e. you can use Badboy tool which can export its recordings in form of JMeter script or BlazeMeter Proxy Recorder which automatically handles SSL certificates and has auto correlation feature 



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