When you see the number of downloads advertised for a product, do you ever wonder how many were because a QA/Software Testing department was testing their software in conjunction with the product? What if they were testing on virtual machines and 'reverting' the image and reinstalling the product? Installing on several different virtual machines?

Do you feel this adds value to the product that is 'advertising' how many downloads they have seen of their particular product?

I can think of several auxilary products that receive benefits for the testing that I do on seemingly completely separate applications/systems/products.

When thinking about software testing as part of a system - being very general of course - can you think of other benefits that testers add outside of the value to their own application/system/product?

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There's probably quite a few websites that have got better after having their mistakes featured on testers blogs

Blogging and forum software has also probably imprved due to testers finding their weaknesses and limitations

and I would guess that some internal HR applications have also been exposed to testers playing around with them 'just to see what happens if...'
I agree with the benefits you have suggested above, and I will up the ante with Hardware vendors.

Computers and printers and scanners, oh my!



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