Following on from Kristine's time management thread yesterday in which a few people (myself included) mentioned listening to podcasts as being a good way to fit in some learning - I wondered whether the community had some recommendations?

To kick things off - I recently discovered with recent(-ish) broadcasts including A history of JUnit & The Future of Testing with Kent Beck and  Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin.


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You could include this in your list -

My favourites on iTunes are Software Engineering Radio (which is more of a developer podcast), the OWASP podcast, TestCast (with Trish Khoo and Bruce McLeod), and the Microsoft "Coding QA" podcast. The historical podcasts from that list should keep you busy for quite a while. :)

+1 for TestCast (with Trish Khoo and Bruce McLeod) although the sound quality is medium.

Another good security podcast I listen to is the Silver Bullet security podcast. I just listened to an interview with John Steven on the conflict between the static (code reviewer) and dynamic (pen tester) crowds.

+ 1 for TestCast. 


Non-testing related podcasts which I find useful/interesting: 

Guardian Tech Weekly podcast -

BBC Click -

What Great Bosses Know -

Manager Tools -


All the (Testing related) podcasts I knew are already listed at

For videos I have also subscribed to the RSS feed of

There should be a Software Testing Club podcast :)

You can start by using the STC Podcast RSS feed:



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