We are  happy to learn from  mistakes, and are always willing to learn from what others tell us what we were doing wrong and how to do it better.

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So are we (or we hope we are)!
Yup, It,s very important when you do agile testing.

It is very important when you do any type of testing...

This makes me think about a blog I posted a couple of days ago about Agile Thinking vs. Agile Testing where my main point is that there really is no Agile Testing...

Not sure what you think about this.

Joel, I like that.

In fact this is important for any type of anything -- learning from errors, well, I bet that can be useful in my day-to-day :).

You are right.

In general life we also do testing in each phase of life.

I agree with you on this point.These are All the way to get quality  nothing else.


last result=============    just quality.

This is how management sees it I'm sure ...


Sorry. It's  different from this cartoon.

Now I'm curious -- pin link is broken.

Can you re-share?

What you want me to do share?
(Pal Gulia, I just asked from TestSheepNZ to share the pic he uploaded in his post)
Yeah - wonder what happened there - will try and repost later ...



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