I saw this (it's doing the rounds on G+) and naturally wondered how something like this could be made for testers.

I came up with:

'A Tester Is Someone Who After Finding a bug after 5 minutes brags about how he is responsible for the success of the project'


Am sure you peeps can come up with better?


Best one gets an image created with it :)


[And the winning image, for easy reference]

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In reality, yes! For a sarcastic caption, no.

Just like the husband caption isn't true nowadays (well not for mine, anyway) :D

A Tester Is Someone Who who only get excited when its broken

This has made me think about what sort of bumper stickers would a tester have

No need to think - it was done for you years ago


Seems a lot of the material in there is still being trotted out in this thread...


now where was that discussion about 'innovations in testing' ?



Back under rock. Via a T-Shirt printing shop

"A tester is someone who, after you've taken out the trash, shows you that the rest of the house is also in need of cleaning!"

but of course also "A tester is some who gets called all sorts of names" ;)

Taking the more literal translation...

"A tester is someone who finds the bugs then gives the impression they created the software & made it perfect"

A tester is someone who, after finding no bugs in two weeks, still won't tell you if the product is ready to ship.

As a tester, I'm hoping this is a poster I would actually want to post on my (office) walls...

A tester is someone who often seems to be the lone voice of common sense!

A tester is someone who, after development gives the impression that they just cleaned the whole house, has to prove that there was trash inside in the first place.

A Test Is Someone Who ... shows you that if you put a bottle on top, tilt the trash can at 5 degrees, press on the left side, and then trigger the lid release then it is possible to launch the bottle through the kitchen window and by the way that is a plausible use case so the broken glass on the floor was well worth it to uncover that risk and I was just focusing on the issues so I don't know why you are getting so mad.

Not that this has ever happened to me personally.

Awesome!  Well done Jeff.

It'll be a big image that's requried though...  ;0)



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