99 things you can do to become a better tester...

Title says it all? Can we come up with a list of 99 things we can do to become better testers. Simple one liners please! A video/ebook will be created with the results.

1. Go to a local Meetup

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2:-  Have eye on details !

3. Get to know your customers

4. Work first line support for a while

5. Never stop learning

and recognize that you will never know everything

6. Learn when to automate and when not to.

7. Question the way you work every day

... and have the courage to share your findings with whoever is in charge as well as fight for key changes

8. Improve communication skills

Practice Testing !!! 

Learning about the technologies used to build the product , this helps a lot . 

Report detailed defect reports.

The report should have all details pertaining to the environment , steps to re-create the issue , and all logs & traces .



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