Just yesterday a developer was in my office to watch me reproduce a defect in order to get more information. I apologized for the time it was taking to get the machine on (I had shut down the one he needed to see because I was on to another system). While waiting we made small talk, and then he said something that made me look right at him in shock.

“It is nice to work for an organization that has QA.”

He proceeded to tell me about the previous organization he worked for and how the developers tested their own code and the customers were not so happy with the products because of the end results. It appeared to me that he had been frustrated by this.

While, more often than not, we hear of developers saying things like, “it doesn’t do that on my machine,” or “no user would do that,” I thought it would be nice to share this statement with you all. Have you got any shocking quotes from developers that you would care to share?

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The development manager thought I was finding too many defects. My reply was "I just find them, I don't put them in. There'd still be just as many if I didn't find them." Oddly, he hasn't mentioned it again :-)

Here is one I just heard:


"As a tester role, you are only responsible for the testing based on requirement spec which has been created by developer. You are not allow to do any type of analysis of impact on system."


Ridiculous!!! Right?

I completely agree. If no analysis or risk assessment is performed by QA, THEN we are not doing our job fully.

Bingo!!! buddy,

I told the same statement to respective person yesterday... :)

I'm a test leader.

I've seen a guy from my team having some difficulties to get documentation from a developer to explain a database migration process.

But this QA guy need to test this migration.

So he has create a ticket in the Defect Management Tool to ask for more information.

The answear of the developper (written in the ticket) was : if I have to write the doc, then it is like if I'm doing the test myself. So I don't need the help of the QA for this project !

As with my reply to ElizaF, we had a developer who would deliberately add defects to the code in order to point them out when we 'missed' them.


It was used as a tool to try & belittle the test team - luckily for us, the Dev manager was supportive of the test team. The developer didn't last long...

One of the experience: I say that its a bug and they said that "It exists from long back and no one has complained about it" -- My response: Oh my god, does it mean that you are waiting for customer to complain and then you will fix it :D

Well...I have heard the folllowing couple of times from the developer,

" Testers systems are not upto date and they are not maintained properly by them and it always have a problem", but the truth is


The issue is nothing to do with the tester's systems, its either the config issue or developer might have forget to check in some of his development stuff to the staging environment.  



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